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"VINGT ET UN" is an artist group constituted by the hair stylist photographer graphic designer makeup stylist. 


Salon producing is begun and it deals with studio shooting, a collection, poster catalog work, a stage, and various events.  The domestic salon is offering and sharing a cut technique born in Paris, and "coupe effilage" on the theme of "pursuit of a quality  ." Cut training by the stylists who mastered the technique in Paris, and French stylists   It lets "STAGE" pass, the newest technique is sent, and the ability

which can carry out media performance is supported at a "VINGT ET UN studio work." Moreover, through a "VINGT TE UN original event", "MODE" is caught, the young stylist as for whom an idea is made to a form is raised, and it is working for the purpose of the improvement in a quality of the industry. 


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